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Endless versatility and selection to express your personal taste and style.

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calannadesigns17 in Las Vegas, NV on Houzz


At Calanna Design, we stand behind the creativity and custom millwork we provide to our customers.  That’s why we chose Bellmont Cabinet Co. to provide us with the highest quality, euro-style, built-to-order frameless kitchen & bathroom cabinets for our clients.  Manufactured in America 

These built to order cabinets are available in three product series, providing endless versatility and selection to express your personal taste and style.

Stylish Versatility

Our most diverse kitchen and bathroom cabinet line allows you to blend door styles, textures, and finish options to achieve your ideal space. Choose from exotic or standard wood species, metal frame glass doors for a sophisticated accent, or creative design features and details for a look that’s all your own.
With over 60 contemporary, transitional, or traditional door styles, our versatile 1900 Series kitchen cabinets offer something for everyone. Combine your style with the textures, finishes, and storage solutions you want, and our skilled team will build your cabinets to order for a precise fit.

True Euro Design

Inspired by Italian minimalist design, VERO Series blends elegant efficiency with subtle sophistication. The absence of handles creates clean lines and smooth transitions between materials to bring a calm, soothing feel with effortless style.

Linear Rail Technology

Our sleek and simple integrated rail system provides a slender, unseen channel for easy access to drawers and a clean, crisp appearance. This system allows you to elevate the efficiency of your kitchen without interference from handles or hardware.



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